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Michał Bryndal, Joanna Duda, Max Mucha; photo - Maria Jarzyna

Joanna Duda Trio embodies a fusion of jazz, preparations, groove, ambient, and minimalism, with hints of baroque, romanticism, and humor. Natural and synthetic sounds coalesce in a robust and surprising form. Joanna Duda opts to create "music" rather than just showcase "pianism," the FUMITSUKE album represents a cohesive entity guided by sound as a collectively generated quality. Virtuosity is a crucial element, binding the polyphony of flavors together, while the electronics exhibit an organic and osmotic character. The band was established in late 2017. The subsequent year proved to be a significant one for Joanna Duda Trio. The current lineup, featuring Joanna Duda on piano and electronics, Maksymilian Mucha on double bass with effects, and Michał Bryndal on drums and electronics, was solidified at the close of 2018.

The inaugural album of Joanna Duda Trio, titled FUMITSUKE, was released under the Echo Production label. The album premiered in November 2021 during the London Jazz Festival, and the FUMITSUKE tour gained momentum in 2022. By the conclusion of 2023, Joanna Duda Trio had already become recognized in jazz scenes in the UK, Poland, France, Finland, Italy, the US, Canada, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, and Austria. The band has graced prestigious venues such as London's Ronnie Scott’s, Lyon's Le Periscope, NY Dizzy’s Jazz Club, Vienna’s Porgy & Bess, Katowice’s NOSPR, and notable festivals including Berlin JazzFest, Alto Adige Sudtirol Festival, London Jazz Festival, Leipziger Jazztage, and Vancouver’s International Jazz Festival.

Joanna Duda photo
Keen album cover; photo - Partycja Planik; design - Kasia Michalkiewicz - Hansen

In 2019, Joanna Duda released her first solo album, KEEN. The album contains electro-acoustic work; you can hear the piano sounds, which are direct and prepared in a long process. Joanna also uses synths, all types of sampling, and weird beat divisions. She is planting and growing her sounds into multiplied layers consisting of one organic, living texture. 

She found an alternative idea for an album that would be expected from her, mainly recognized as a pianist. A few years ago, she started to perform solo with a computer, constructing instruments out of samples she collected, together with analog synths and other objects (such as a dictaphone, for example), which led her into new interesting fields of constructing sounds. Another part of developing her sound language was the experience of performing live with the physical dance/butoh theatre. On the album KEEN, she included that substance together with brilliant classical and jazz piano skills, extracting the spirit of contemporary acoustic/electronic music as a main layer and implicitly intelligence dance music.

LoopCurrent Interactive Garment work in progress Dye sublimated fabric

LoopCurrent is an interdisciplinary project co-created by renowned American visual artist Maya Ciarocci, composer Joanne Duda, and dancers Katarzyna Pastuszak and Natalia Chylińska. LoopCurrent will be a performative installation utilizing sound, dance, and new technologies; it envisions the remnants of us as archaeological excavations seen through the eyes of inhabitants of a planet many hundreds of years from now. 

The artists will meet during a May residency at the Institute of Urban Culture and in Sobieszewo (Island Art Lab) – they will conduct underwater sound and seismic research, translating these into sound and movement. They will also conduct technological research in the field of generating sounds through interactive elements of costumes and scenography.

LoopCurrent is supported by Gdańsk Cultural City
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